• Hadid Tower

    Twisted skyscraper takes the laws of physics to the extreme


Complete maintenance

In the Unipol tower, comprehensive, round-the-clock maintenance ensures that all the spaces and equipment are in full working order at all times.


559 days

A 20-km stretch of motorway with 11 viaducts and 6 tunnels, constructed in record time in just one and a half years.


The skills and expertise, values and backgrounds of people who build a piece of tomorrow every day.


A new Tramway for Florence

The watchword is “mobility” which rhymes with “liveability”. Line 3 of the Florence Tramway system started operating on 16 July. It represents a major turning point in mobility in Florence, finally providing a link between the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station and the Careggi Hospital Complex, composed of an up-to-date transport system: safe, punctual and eco-sustainable.
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Good results and prospects for the 110 years of CMB

“CMB celebrates its 110 years of history in 2018: it’s a year that promises to be not only full of opportunities for the company to celebrate, but one which opens up new frontiers and possibilities to explore” according to the chairman, Carlo Zini, speaking at the shareholders’ meeting.
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Denmark: CMB is awarded the hospital of Koge

CMB, in a joint venture with Itinera, a company specializing in large-scale works in the Gavio group, has been awarded the project for the extension and reconstruction of the university hospital complex of the city of Koge, situated south of Copenhagen, in Denmark. The value of the project is around 295 million euros.
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