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CMB is awarded the hospital in Odense, Denmark

CMB (with a stake of 51%) in a joint venture con Itinera, a company specializing in large-scale works in the Gavio group (with a stake of 49%), has been awarded two lots of the new Hospital Complex in the city of Odense in Denmark. The work is for the overall value of around 390 million euros commissioned by the “Region of Southern Denmark”.
The works involve the completion of two lots of the new Odense hospital, specifically, Admissions, with a surface area of 60 thousand sq.m., and the Hospitalization and Outpatients wards of around 100 sq.m.

The contract is an Early Contract Involvement (ECI) type, and provides for the development and design optimization of the project together with the client’s technical structure, a phase which is planned to finish by June 2018. The construction work should start in 2019 and terminate at the end of 2022.

The design and construction of the new Hospital will be managed according to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method, which makes it possible to create an integrated three-dimensional model of the various elements during the entire life-cycle of the infrastructure, from the design to the construction to the subsequent management of the building, permitting in the execution phase to reduce unforeseen events and interferences linked to the construction to a minimum, as well as providing the client with a final computer model for a more efficient future management of the building.

CMB, the leader in Italy in the building of hospitals and advanced medical facilities, after a phase of careful study of the international markets, has decided to internationalize, counting on its experience and skills acquired in offering excellent health facilities and biomedical supplies. For CMB the first target was the acquisition of the contract for the hospital complex of Odense.


Francesca Martinelli
Communication and External Relations
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