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“Rinascente” returns to Rome with CMB

Rinascente’s new flagship store in Roma was opened on 12 October in via del Tritone. CMB has been responsible for the restoration of the historic building situated between via del Tritone and via dei Due Macelli. The work has involved the total demolition of the existing buildings while preserving the facades, which were, instead renovated.

Besides an atrium of monumental geometric rigor, the peculiarities of the building are the conservation of a palace dating from the beginning of the 20th century and forming part of the original complex that had a “building in a building” effect and two panoramic terraces and 60 m of the Acquedotto Vergine (Roman Aqueduct) from the 1st century AD. The completion of the department store was, in fact, slowed down by the discovery of structures from the Imperial Roman era which led to a delay of around two years compared to the initial program, but which today further enhances the site; these structures can be seen on the basement floor.

The building site opened in October 2012 and work continued with demolitions until August 2013 with regards to the interior buildings and, in part, via del Tritone. The archaeological digs started in the same month and continued until March 2015 when work restarted at an accelerated rate and the reinforced concrete structures were then completed in 11 months.

The Mayor, Virginia Raggi, and the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, were present at the opening ceremony, the latter expressing “immense gratitude for an initiative that, rather than commercial, is most of all cultural: what has counted is the tenacity of those who have believed in this project”. The chairman of Rinascente, Vittorio Radice, defined the store a meeting place “not a fashion store, but a space that is always open, a symbol of the habits and climate of Rome”.


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