Alessio Baldoni

In CMB since 2001

Working as a building site manager is never boring

Working in the Cooperative for over 16 years, Alessio Baldoni has followed the constructions of hospitals in Tuscany, Alto Vicentino area and Verona.

  • The first steps

    “My first day at work began with a transfer. I worked in Tuscany for two years, in the building sites for the Valdarno and Versilia hospitals, and then the Careggi hospital in Florence”.
  • Family

    “My relationship with my wife has never exactly been a conventional one: neither of us, for example, was present at the graduation ceremony of the other, because we graduated on the same day”.
  • Project financing

    “Working with project financing offers the chance of following the work starting from its design and then playing an active role in certain choices that can make the difference in the construction phase.”
  • Changes

    “The work of the building site manager has changed a lot in recent years: it has become less operational. From procedures linked to subcontracting to the management of acquisitions, everything passes through the site manager".
  • Personal imprinting

    “It’s not enough to be a precise technician; you need to be dynamic and have multi-disciplinary skills, because life in the building site is never mundane and is always full of surprises”.

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