Andrea Rosa

Construction Engineer

The numbers man that believes in a flexible organization

Andrea Rosa is a construction engineer, but the building site is not for him; he has therefore become the Technical Department manager, an expert who loves working at the computer.

  • Passions

    “I’m more of a numbers man than a hands-on man, but basically I’ve always had a job outside of the building site and the strict context of my degree in construction engineering”.
  • Joining CMB

    “I sent thousands of curricula and in the end I found a job near where I live. In CMB I’m the coordinator of the planning, acquisitions and Service Centre office”.
  • In the BoD

    “Becoming a member of the BoD has given me the chance to observe the Cooperative from a different point of view, from a broader perspective”.
  • Technology

    “The Cooperative never stops, especially with regards to planning and control, and to an extent I’ve also been a driver of this change”.
  • Photography

    “In editing the ‘Scanner’ section of the ‘In Corso’ house-organ, I’ve managed to encourage members to share a little of their private lives: I’ve also found a few photography enthusiasts”.

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