Barbara Maccioni

In CMB since 2015

The lady with the globe in her hand

After joining the team just three years ago, Barbara Maccioni has succeeded in arousing global awareness of the experience of CMB – and the marketplace is responding.

  • Decisions

    “I wanted to further my professional career in a company in which my achievements and goals were more visible. I had met some people from CMB by change in the past and noted that they had this great sense of belonging and participation in the company life”.
  • The challenge

    “In CMB I'm responsible for developing the international business relations, so it's a real challenge. The company is well positioned and has a wealth of expertise to offer, in particular for the construction of hospitals and high-rise buildings”.
  • New markets

    “Approaching a new market means you have to make yourself known. First you have important opportunities and liaison with the institutions, but quality is the only real proof”.
  • The anecdote

    “At one of the first international events in which CMB participated, I was asked to repeat the name of the company. It's a strange feeling, you understand that you are writing another page in the chapter of the company's history
  • Pride

    “We can make the difference, because the company is much more about substance and content that image and chit-chat. We feel proud when we are able to make people appreciate who we are and what we know to do”.

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