Claudio Camellini

In CMB since 1980

From building sites in Southern Italy to member of the BoD

Employed as a manual worker in September 1980, Claudio Camellini is one of those who have grown professionally inside CMB and in its building sites throughout Italy.

  • A tough life

    “It’s largely down to the people I’ve met during my career that I’ve been able to appreciate the tough and difficult demands of the building site”
  • Hard work

    “You can only appreciate all the physical and mental effort demanded by the job if you can see where the exertion leads to. I’ve learnt to treat those who have to endure these demands in the building site with great attention and tact”
  • In Irpinia county

    “In Irpinia I worked all day moving between five building sites I was dealing with in by my Fiat 127 diesel. I went back home once a month”
  • Experience

    “Managing a building site requires technical, administrative and legal expertise, but most of all, experience gathered in the field”
  • In the BoD

    “I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors for three mandates. Being able to take part and share in the company’s decisions makes you take more responsibility for achieving the objectives set”

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