Danilo Mastrangeli

Design manager and BIM coordinator
With CMB since 2017

The pioneering BIM expert in Denmark

From the engineering office for the City Life construction project to pioneer of CMB development abroad, Danilo Mastrangeli set off for Denmark as an expert in BIM with a strong desire to challenge himself.

  • Abroad

    “Working abroad isn’t at all easy, but it’s very stimulating. I’m enthusiastic about sharing the responsibility for this challenge abroad and playing an active part in this project.”
  • Engagement

    “I have the opportunity every day to engage with professionals from Italy and abroad. I set off with the desire to improve my professional and personal skills.”
  • BIM

    “My certification as a BIM coordinator is a little personal success for me, and a major vote of confidence from the company that made all this possible”.
  • Firsts

    “CMB is the first construction company in Italy to be certified by ICMQ for its use of the BIM methodology. This certification will open up important new opportunities for us.”
  • Problem solving

    “The industrial revolution 4.0 seeks to standardise and digitise the construction sector. We Italians are tackling it with our innate problem-solving ability”.

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