Federico Sarti

In CMB since 1998

Passion for his work acquired in the world of bricks and cement

After ten years in production, Federico Sarti, sales director of the Central Division, today deals with commercial relations with public and private clients.

  • The early years

    “I joined CMB as technical assistant site manager. We were a small independent team operating from the planning stage to the contractual phase”.
  • Changes

    “With my transfer to Marketing Management, I had to prove myself again. I worked side-by-side for a year with Gianfranco Cavatton, who was really helpful, demonstrating a great spirit of inter-generational cooperation”.
  • The building site atmosphere

    “Since I was a child, when I followed my father, who was a building site manager, I’ve breathed the air of bricks and cement. I’ve always viewed the building site as a sort of hotbed of activity, where organization is everything”.
  • The crisis

    “At the time of the crisis, in order to survive, all enterprises had to change and develop in order to be able to compete on a market which, for decades to come, will not offer the same business opportunities as we had been used to”.


> Unipol Tower – Bologna (IT)
> Palazzo Pio – Carpi (IT)
> Teatro Comunale – Carpi (IT)
> Palazzo Scacchetti – Carpi (IT)

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