Giovanni Freda

Building site manager, expert in restoration

The building site man bringing historic buildings back to life

Giovanni Freda learnt the art of building in the field from a very young age. Today he’s a building site manager and expert in restoration.

  • History

    “Before starting any restoration project it is necessary to research the background history”.
  • Passion

    “I don’t have any higher education qualifications; my effective education has been the experience that every building site has given me. The curiosity and passion for what I do has remained intact over the years”.
  • Satisfactions

    “It’s fascinating to restore back to life buildings which have hundreds of years of history, interpreting the various stratifications and mutations undergone over time”.
  • The earthquake

    “Having experience in restoration work, being able to understand cracks and fissures, came in very useful during the earthquake emergency in 2012 when I was called in to make the first inspections”.
  • Teamwork

    “At this moment in history, I think that people need to be together and socialize. Work offers important opportunities for exchange”.
  • Values

    “I chose to join CMB because I share its values. Being a member of a cooperative also means being able to choose those who you work under: that counts for a lot”.

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