Massimiliano Franzini

In CMB since 2000

From technical assistant to site manager in important infrastructures

Employed as a technical assistant on 2000, Massimiliano Franzini puts the organisation of staff and teamwork at the centre of his approach.

  • Concreteness

    “Building is a sector that brings satisfaction: what you do is clearly visible. We build roads, for example. You are modelling the territory for future years”.
  • Working in a team

    “I’ve learned that the key to a job well done is the organisation of the staff working in the site. And creating a team with the right motivation is fundamental.”
  • In the field

    “Today the building site requires attention right from the layout phases. To get good results you have to be versatile, have a flexible approach and propose alternative solutions”.
  • Regenerate to innovate

    “In the last few years much progress has been made with regards to the regeneration of materials used in the construction of the road bed. This practice brings advantages in both ecological and cost terms”.
  • Safety at heart

    “Safe by trade is a project that thinks about safety and shakes people’s conscience. The aim is to change the mentality in the building site from the planning phase to the last day of work. It’s a source of pride for CMB”.

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