Mirko Casarini

In CMB since 1978

There can never be enough hospitals

Mirko Casarini has 40 years’ experience in CMB building sites. He has grown with the company and is now the site manager for the construction of a total of seven hospital structures.

  • No-one is born a site manager

    “I was hired in the summer in which I got my diploma as a surveyor and CMB was in the process of setting up its first training course for young site managers”.
  • The lesson

    “I spent a few months with Luciano Fregni. He told me that I had to create an image in my mind of what the finished work would look like”.
  • Guidance

    “I drove the truck full of builders, who slept both on the way there and on the way back. I used to order the materials from a phone box, using the old phone tokens”.
  • Building hospitals

    “The project for building a hospital is always complex and work is carried out simultaneously in several building sites. For this reason, teamwork is crucial”.
  • Common objective

    “In our sector everyone, from technicians to administrative staff, should be in direct contact with the building site because in this trade we all learn to work closely together towards a common objective”.

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