Simone Bonauguro

Direttore tecnico
In CMB dal 2000


From Valdarno to the United Nations Building

Technical Manager of the Central Division since 2013, Simone Bonauguro has been working for CMB for almost 20 years. Today he is responsible for the overseas area and for hospital construction.

  • First steps

    “I started working for CMB at the age of 28. I’m happy with travelling and moving from one building site to another, and I was interested in production and in the technical aspect”.
  • Opportunities

    “CMB has offered me major opportunities since the beginning, always looking for new skills, challenges and increasingly complex works”.
  • Resisting the crisis

    “With the advent of the economic crisis, our cooperative has demonstrated all its abilities, from both a financial and a technical and productive point of view”.
  • Foreign market

    “We’ve tackled the new challenge posed by the foreign market by attempting to interpret new requests, restrictions and difficulties. We have the ability to show what we’re capable of”.
  • At the heart of the UN

    “I’d never have imagined that one day I’d be entering the UN offices in Geneva. This is an important renovation project, and it’s up to us to show that we’re able to accomplish the task”.


> United Nations Building – Geneve (CH)
> Valdarno Hospital – Montevarchi (IT)
> Versilia Hospital – Camaiore (IT)

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