Siriana Bertacchini

In CMB since 1990

The first female engineer in the Cooperative

Siriana joined CMB in 1990, providing technical skills and a female point of view: an example of growth and development.

  • Education

    “I was one of four females out of 200 students in the engineering faculty: the climate was not particularly favourable, but we turned out to be very good... .”
  • Equality

    “I sent my curriculum to firms, but it was not taken seriously and I was never invited for interviews; then CMB called and there was a different sensibility.”
  • History

    “Greater flexibility and availability was requested during the crisis of 1992 triggered by Tangentopoli: I was sent to Milan for a few months. For me the important thing was being able to work.”
  • A new department

    “New management tasks arose in 2004 coinciding with project financing. Today we at CMB manage various companies and control activities are performed with a group of enterprising and tenacious youngsters who I am very proud of.”
  • Initiative

    “As a female engineer I have had to prove myself a lot. Being a woman has led me to consider other, even secondary, avenues for my professional development.”
  • In the BoD

    “Being a member of the Board of Directors is a very demanding experience, especially in relation to the responsibilities assumed towards Members and the enterprise.”

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