Tommaso Cacciaguerra

In CMB since 2008

Quality, safety and environment: the fail-safe recipe

Originally from Friuli, resettled in Emilia, Tommaso Cacciaguerra began his work in CMB as manager of the building site technical office; today he is building site manager and project manager.

  • The first post

    “I began working as the manager of the technical office in the building site for the Maggiore Hospital in Trieste, a role dealing with the technical specialization aspects in the site.”
  • Work relationships

    “There have been many positive experiences in the job. Primarily, the esteem of colleagues, who I work side-by-side with, at times in difficult conditions, often far from home.”
  • Safety

    “It’s important to work in safety, because not doing so means not being professional and the risks in the building site are really high!”
  • Quality

    “On the one hand, there are the standards and guarantees required by the client; on the other hand, the sub-contracting firms need to limit the costs. This is why CMB’s supervision is absolutely crucial.”
  • The environment

    “It’s necessary to take great account of the environment: doing so is an expression of civility and progress.”
  • The recipe

    “The recipe is simple for managing a building site: a substantial technical background, determination and diligence, intuition and, most of all, great humility, at least enough to understand that you don’t get anywhere on your own.”

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