Tommaso Salvo

In CMB since 2007

From large spaces to the highest towers: exceeding boundaries allows you to grow

Tommaso Salvo began working in the Cooperative in 2007 and today manages the building site for the redevelopment of Milan’s former Trade Fair District. He’s an expert in large-scale projects.

  • Values

    “I won a public competition as site manager in a public company in Turin but I chose CMB for its way of working and of looking after and developing its people".
  • Large-scale building sites

    “From 2011 to 2014 I worked on the Piedmont Region Tower, which is still the highest tower in Italy”.
  • The value of the works

    “It’s been important for me to have a humble approach, even though I’m very aware that completing certain works is an important contribution, firstly to CMB, and secondly to the country’s economy”.
  • Innovation

    “The BIM method was used on the Hadid Tower, a fundamental technology for managing all the possible interferences associated with a spiral tower in which there is not one right angle!”

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