Viola Sartori

Assistant to the project manager
In CMB since 2014

She began her experience in the company in CMB’s most cutting-edge project

For more than four years, Viola Sartori, originally from Asiago, has been seeing Milan from the perspective of the Citylife towers.

  • Trust

    “In CMB I’ve found space to express myself. I’ve won people’s trust; I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been supported in developing my professionalism. It’s been a highly instructive experience.”
  • Opportunities

    “The stimulating thing is that here if you’re willing to get involved and look for challenges to test yourself, someone will arrive and give you that challenge. It’s up to you to prove yourself, with hard work and sacrifice.”
  • Women in the building site.

    “I admire the true pioneers of the building site that have preceded me and it’s certainly true that women, at work but not only, still have to prove themselves more than the men”.
  • Concreteness

    “This work is very tough, and you have to have passion. You need to aim high, but keep your feet firmly on the ground.”
  • Visions

    “I go up to the thirtieth floor of the Libeskind tower, look at the city from above and I still get a thrill: we’ve become part of Milan’s urban landscape”.

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