BIM, the technology that observes the building sites

BIM (Building information modeling), the software the technology that allows for three-dimensional supervision of the design and construction in real time was used for the first time in the building site for the Verona hospitals.

Thanks to constant observation of the situations and relative problems, it was possible to act in such a way as to obtain not only indications to find out how to proceed in the most efficient way possible during the work, but also an integrated three-dimensional model of the various areas of responsibility during the entire life-cycle of the infrastructure, from the design to the construction, and as far as the subsequent management of the building.

BIM manages to reduce unforeseen events in the execution phase and the interferences linked to the construction to a minimum, besides providing the customer with a final computer model for a more efficient future management of the building. It’s a model which has been implemented gradually, and today allows for accelerating the development of the project and relative works and making them more precise.

At Verona, thanks to BIM, is was possible to evaluate the works necessary for developing the engineering heart of Borgo Roma hospital and the rainfall-discharge interferences of the entrance portico of Borgo Trento hospital and to adapt to the different types of floor in the structure.

Thanks to careful designing, it was possible to carry out a tailor-made job, working centimetre by centimetre. Today this set of data has grown and is projected towards 4-dimentional application incorporate time as variable.

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