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Arena Sanità Spa is the Special Purpose Entity, towards which CMB currently contributes with a 34.08% stake, specially set up to perform the role of Assignee for the project. The concession agreement provided for design, construction and management for the extension and renovation of the Borgo Roma Policlinic and the Civile Maggiore Hospital of Borgo Trento.
The project involved two new structures arising from the need to demolish and rebuild from scratch the Woman and Child Centre building at Borgo Trento and to construct a new building at Borgo Roma able to deal with day hospital activities in terms of outpatient and operating facilities, besides creating a connecting “hinge” between the various pavilions of the existing Policlinic.
The overall duration of the concession, which also includes the period necessary for the construction, is fixed at 20 years. CMB was assigned the civil works, systems and green areas, besides facility management services.

A tailored work

Thanks to BIM technology it was possible to adapt systems to new and old spaces.
At Verona, thanks to BIM, is was possible to evaluate the works necessary for developing the engineering heart of Borgo Roma hospital and the rainfall-discharge interferences of the entrance portico of Borgo Trento hospital and to adapt to the different types of floor in the structure.
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After the work, maintenance and services

After completion of the hospital, CMB looks after the maintenance and management of the services, because a work well done has to continue to operate efficiently over time. With a project financing contract lasting 20 years, including the construction period, CMB guarantees the Verona Health Authority an all-round service. The maintenance services include those for the civil works, the systems and the green areas. The services include catering for patients, the call centre, cleaning and laundering.

Value of the works
126,200,000 euros

Azienda ospedaliera universitaria integrata di Verona

Role in the project
Project leader

Completion times
October 2014 – March 2017


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