sq.m. of surface area


With 60 stores and a thousand workers, it’s the largest shopping centre in Italy. The project forms part of the urban recovery and redevelopment plan for the former Milan Trade Fair district and involved the construction of a podium structure joining the Generali-Hadid Tower that rises above it, also commissioned by Citylife to CMB. In this way, the two elements blend to form an extremely complex architectural whole which has required using particularly daring steel structures to accommodate the geometric forms of the façades that represent the “signature” of the Iraqi designer.

The curved architectural “skin” in Hadid-style.

The blind façade that wraps around the four sides of the building was designed with a sealing element that protects against atmospheric agents developed with the Kalzip technology, hidden from view by more than 10 thousand aluminium panels. Every panel has a different geometric shape creating a structure similar to a 3D puzzle. In addition, all the windows have been made with large silkscreened mirrors according to a specific design, which has made every single glass partition unique.


“An idea of beauty also lies behind a project intended for commercial use. CityLife is not just a shopping centre, but a boutique”.

Tommaso Salvo
Project Leader

Value of the works
37,005,464 euros

CityLife Spa

Role in the project
Execution of all the works

Completion time
July 2015 – November 2017


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