CMB’s works in the Expo Area have created a new skyline on the edge of Milan

The point of strength and source of continuity of the system of arches (A4 motorway, Expo and A8 motorway) has been the use of metal casings that cover the structural concrete at the base. This choice combines with the colour design by the artist Jorrit Tornquist. The visual coordination of the infrastructures has required, in fact, the most up-to-date design techniques.

  • cmb-infrastrutture-infrastructures-milano-area-expo-milan-architecture-1

The achromatic choice was made to avoid a sensation of visual disorder and noise. Two shades of grey (dark and light grey) give a contrasting energy to the arches, creating a kinetic feel in the architecture. The colour difference between the two arches, left and right, can be seen when driving along the raised road, while the point of chromatic affinity is under the road level. The lighting system highlights the “Gateway to Expo” characteristics of lightness, continuity and iconicity, also at night.

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