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quintals of fruit and vegetables in transit every year


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The “Fabbrica Italiana Contadina” (Italian Farmer’s Factory) is a commercial Theme Park of Italian Food, committed to showing the methods and techniques of cultivation, livestock breeding, processing, production, retail and consumption of food products, by means of specific itineraries that represent and demonstrate each theme.

“Theme farms” have been set up outside with experimental fields used for the cultivation of cereals, rice, vegetables, fruit, vines and olive trees. Special areas have also been created for demonstrations on how the main types of livestock in the food chain are bred. The cultivated products and animal products are processed and transformed in large laboratories that are visible but separated from the public by large floor-to-ceiling windows, while the main building serves as a “food court”, with both typical and thematic restaurant areas, numerous stores selling regional specialities and several classroom areas. The total covered area available is over 7,000 m2.
The Convention Centre consists of an auditorium that can seat up to 600 people, surrounded by a huge ornamental pool of around 1,400 m2, which completes the “architectural landscape” of metallic totems reaching over 16 metres in height.

Initiatives have been taken with a strong “green” impact, such as boosting the photovoltaic roof covering, currently the most extensive in Europe, and optimising the rainwater recovery systems and the management of food and animal waste. The Park is thus not only a site of excellence for Italian food and wine, but a hub of excellence for environmental sustainability.

A real commitment for safety

The “Safe by vocation” process was applied on the Fico building site. This project promotes the safe conduct of all the people involved in the job, encouraging communication on the matter of safety, both through individual observation and group meetings among the people working on the building site. The purpose is that of creating a culture of safety among workers, who should be actively aware of how to ensure their own safety and that of the people working with them.


Fico, the agri-food sector shows all

On 15 November 2017, Fico Eatalyworld opened its doors. In a ceremony that was also attended by Italy’s prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, the largest theme park for the Italian agri-food sector, built by CMB for Prelios SGR, was officially opened in Bologna. With a surface area of 100 thousand sqm, of which 80 thousand are under cover, Fico is structured to house farms, fields for crops and areas for animal breeding. In the covered spaces it houses laboratories, six educational areas and over 40 restaurants and food stalls.

Value of the works
46,716,329,10 euros

Prelios SGR Spa

Role in the project
Chief enterprise

Completion time
Gennaio 2015 – Dicembre 2016


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