year of the bombardments that damaged the theatre

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The work carried out on Teatro Galli involved the partial rebuilding and restructuring of the historical nineteenth century theatre of the city of Rimini, opened in 1857 and in disuse since the Second World War due to the bombardments in 1943. The internal structures had given way, despite the fact that the facade remained perfectly intact.
The restructuring works involved the application of innovative solutions from a construction point of view in order to meet timing and feasibility requirements, in a difficult urban context, but with significant development potential.

Inspection with a drone, before the renovation

Complex technologies were installed on the craft in order to establish the effective conditions of the site before starting work on the restoration of the curtain.


A philological and authentic restoration that safeguards the marks of time

The Local Administration approved the choice of a philological and authentic restoration, which leaves traces of the restoration work carried out, but also respects the additions of an artistic value which have been made over time. The project was coordinated by the Superintendent for Cultural and Artistic Heritage



28 October 2018

Teatro Galli raises its curtain once more

A new season begins for Rimini, which finally gets its theatre back after years of silence imposed by the wartime bombings. The curtain will be raised for a performance of “La Cenerentola” by Rossini with the extraordinary voice of Cecilia Bartoli. Those unable to find a ticket will be able to enjoy the performance in the square, on a maxi-screen.


Work begins on the restoration of Teatro Galli

After a year of archaeological digs both in the theatre hall area and the stage area, the reconstruction work awarded to the group of enterprises composed of CMB and Idrotermica of Forlì began.


Valore delle opere
21,000,000 euros

Municipality of Rimini

Ruolo nell’iniziativa
Chief enterprise

Tempi di realizzazione
September 2014 – October 2018


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