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Technical description

A variable radius layout and central courtyard are the main characteristics of this original design. Solutions have been conceived for improving patients’ well-being and for enhancing the light, also in the most inner rooms. The double circular shaped structure and technological grid layout houses day surgeries and operating rooms arranged on eight levels.

The radii of curvature set the rules for this project in which every suspended floor has a different shape. To achieve this, particular iron structures and formworks with 9 radii of curvature are used. With porthole windows, winding routeways and a central square which gives light to the rooms, the hospital has forms and styles that have already received an award from the Inarca Foundation and from the Province of Naples Association of Engineers.

As the motivation for the award stated, “the project derives from a skilful reinterpretation of the organisation of the hospital and social-health care activities, as well as of the relative spaces, detaching them from the rigid schemes that have characterised the typical block structure of hospital buildings in the last few decades.”

The concept of sustainability inspired a number of building choices: the material used for the construction is largely recyclable. After the building’s useful life, many of its elements will be able to become new works. Anti-fall nets and certified timber contribute to increasing the level of safety in the building site, broadening the “Safe by vocation” guidelines for the project.


“When you build a hospital, the legacy you leave behind is a place where human lives are saved”.

Vittorio Bertolini
site manager

Solutions without compromises on safety

Tackling the curved shapes of the new hospital is a team of carpenters and iron workers that are ready for any challenge and handle every material with passion and craft skill. Constructed according to the “Safe by vocation” concept “Safe by vocation” concept, the hospital of Montecchio-Arzignano has been developed in the interest of safety. A number of measures have been implemented in the building site to avoid accidents and falls from heights. Special protection nets have a guaranteed duration and are replaced at their expiry date, while the wood for the planks is certified, attesting its maximum carrying capacity by means of a technical report.




August 2020

The first hospital room

CMB completes the first hospital room for the client to check compliance with the project.

July 2020

Time for the systems

Installers, plumbers, electricians and medical gas experts enter into action to properly equip the existing building. At the same time, work on the assembly of the plasterboard walls begins.


March-May 2020

Covid-19 emergency: the building site is suspended

Due to the health emergency, the site is closed temporarily but remains closely monitored by the site manager and the surveillance staff.

November 2019

Students visit the site

The site opens its doors to 40 students from schools specialising in construction studies from Vicenza, Verona and Padova. A visit from students with a building specialisation high school diploma, already following courses to become building site managers, is to follow.


May 2018

Archaeologists in action: a pause in the interest of research

The archaeological findings in the building site area required a stoppage of works for 6 months in order to allow for the recovery of the findings: a tomb and street from the Roman era.

January 2018

Construction work begins

Having been assigned the work by ULSS 8 Berica, CMB begins to demolish the prefabricated buildings next to the old hospital.


Value of the works
29 million euros

ULSS 8 Berica

Role in the project
executing enterprise

Completion times
January 2018 – May 2022


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