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The concept from which the United States architect Daniel Libeskind took inspiration to design the third CityLife tower was the classic Renaissance dome, reinterpreted through the concave shape.
The building on the ground floor contains a triple-height entrance hall, accessible both from the Shopping District and the M5 subway exit, and from the upper level of the new city square. The offices occupy the first floor to the twenty-eighth floor. The twenty-seventh floor houses an office on two levels and a very impressive double-height conference hall.
The central core, occupied by eight elevators divided into two distinct blocks, guarantees maximum flexibility of use of the spaces also in the event of there being a number of tenants.

“In work like this, you have to be able to find a strategy for tackling the job order, as far as the management of the samples. There’s nothing standardized in our profession”.

Tommaso Salvo
Project Leader


The Libeskind Tower: the figures

An overview of the new tower at CityLife in Milan. Dimensions, materials, people involved and building times. A summary of the construction of the skyscraper in ten figures.



March 2019

Top floor

The PwC Tower, designed by Daniel Libeskind, has reached the top floor. It will be the new Milan headquarter of the consulting company from 2020. The flag ceremony, which was placed on the 30th floor, celebrates the completion of the building’s roof.March 2019

September 2018

The right curve

The “Curve” begins to take shape. Work continues, and the Libeskind tower rises ever higher towards the sky. With a number of floors already completed, the characteristic curve starts to emerge.


March-April 2018

The climbing formwork arrives

They were two crucial months for the building site: the steel support columns and the climbing formwork were installed for working at heights.

October 2017

Phase III

A new phase for the building site started, with elevation from ground level. Work started in January 2018.


May 2016

CMB is awarded the contract

CMB is awarded the contract for building the new skyscraper in Milan. It involves two phases: the construction of the underground part (on pre-existing foundations) and elevation to ground level. Work started a month later.

Value of the works
80,000,000 euros


Role in the project
Project Leader

Completion time
July 2016 – in progress


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