Managing innovations in a complex project: CMB’s strategy at Porta Nuova Varesine, Milan

Porta Nuova Varesine is the largest redevelopment project ever carried out in the city of Milan. For this reason CMB has used various innovative approaches and techniques, but most of all, has shown a great capacity for coordination.

A careful initial analysis, aimed at optimising performances and construction costs, has led to technologically innovative construction choices, such as:

•The Peri RCS Formwork System that slides inside grooves and which can be lifted with a crane
•The ACS Self-Climbing Crane incorporated inside the nucleus for the handling of the formworks, which carried out almost all the operations necessary for the construction of the load-bearing nucleus in reinforced concrete almost autonomously
•The Concrete feeding system at height through a pump with a stationary ACS Self-Climbing Arm incorporated inside the nucleus
•The use of an external crane, anchored to the steel columns, used almost exclusively for the handling of metallic carpentry (pillars, beams and corrugated sheets) and subsequently for installing the façade cells.

The coordination of this work was complex, especially due to interferences between the teams responsible for the assembly of the metallic structure and those involved in the concrete works. Secondly, heavy vehicles were always present in the site, used for transporting the metallic elements and cement mixers for the casting of concrete structures, which moved around, affecting the local traffic conditions.

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