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The construction and redevelopment project for the Niguarda Hospital has been divided into two main phases: the first provided for the development of a car park for the South Block and the renovation of the historical Ponti Pavilion and logistical and technological services buildings. The second phase consists in the development of the North Block and the restructuring of the Pizzamiglio Pavilion. The two new Blocks, North and South, house hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment departments and are adjacent to the historical pavilions, which have been renovated and will be used for both admissions and hospitalization. In addition, an innovative covered gallery, the Niguarda Shopping Center, a public area with stores and services, has been constructed in the center of the South Block.
The South Block is the heart of the new hospital: it has 469 beds, 27 intensive treatment stations, 77 medical outpatient surgeries and 17 operating and interventional rooms. The North Block houses basic and average intensity specializations such as Specialist Medicine, Rehabilitation and some Surgery, besides the Mother-Infant Ward.

Respect of the spaces with historic value

For CMB, being involved on the Niguarda Hospital project has meant working in full respect of, and seeking to enhance the original monumental buildings according to the indications laid down by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Environment. It has been an undertaking that has implied the use of “soft” machines for the demolition, and a program of works aimed at limiting the effects on the working hospital while reducing the environmental impact on the city.


Value of the works
254,751,763 euros

Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda Ca’ Granda

Role in the project
Chief enterprise

Completion times
Phase 1: December 2006 – December 2010
Phase 2: January 2011 – January 2013


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