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A newly constructed hospital on a total surface area of 97,132 sq.m. The main building is composed of three building bodies linked on each floor by connecting axes that extend to the east of the complex as far as the volume dedicated to the entrance. The main idea behind the project is the insertion and interaction of the architectural structures with the surrounding landscape. The structure is covered with a ventilated facade painted in four colours, while characterizing the hospital are two connecting bodies and the entrance, which stand out for the same architectural motif used on the south side called “facciata che ride” (the smiling façade) created by the beams supporting the glass windows.
The commission was acquired in “Project financing”, in which the advance of capital used is repaid with the management of the non-core services of the structure (maintenance of systems and buildings, heat management, cleaning and catering; waste disposal).

The smiling hospital has an ortho-therapeutic garden

The facades can smile, and the green areas can become a therapeutic garden. The Alto Vicentino hospital center has been constructed with a multicoloured ventilated facade. Thanks to the effect of the beams supporting the glass windows, the structure is the “motif” of the hospital which also contains the biggest ortho-therapeutic garden in Italy, an area of around 500 square meters with aromatic plants that creates a perfect context for health rehabilitation programs.


Value of the works
118,316,502 euros

Local Health Authority n. 4 Alto Vicentino

Role in the project
Project Leader

Completion time
October 2008 – October 2008


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