The Pordenone building site is awarded for safety

When safety becomes a shared mindset, the satisfaction for those working in the building site fills us with pride. Every day workers and technicians have to handle machinery and plant and can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations if the necessary precautions are not taken.

“Safe by vocation” is CMB’s project that has turned safety in the building site into a duty to safeguard the health of everyone, with the aim of completely eliminating work-related accidents. The results are there for all to see. The building site that constructed the car park of the Pordenone hospital has won the gold medal of the project.

The experience, which involved controls, procedures, interviews and mentoring, made an important contribution to life in the building site and will continue to do so during the construction of the new hospital. Thousands of observations involving more than 500 people were made in the site. The medal is a pat on the back in recognition of the results obtained, as well as two appointments, with breakfast in the site with croissant and coffee, to assess the state of progress of the project and to reward positive behaviour.

What happens is that those who then work on another building site continue to follow the “Safe by profession” indications because the shared and recognized experience really becomes a mindset.

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