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The macro lot 3.2 of the Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, now renamed the motorway of the Mediterranean, covers a distance of 20.5 Km, with 11 viaducts totalling 7,342 m and 6 tunnels, including both natural and artificial tunnels totalling 11,459 m. The construction site was located in the National Park of Pollino, an area with a turbulent mountainous landscape with peaks exceeding 2,200 m a.s.l., alternated with stunningly beautiful deep valleys.
The upgraded 20.5 Km stretch of motorway meanders its way through this complex landscape. The construction focused on the legislative adaptation of the route: the bend radius was increased to enable greater speed; the carriageways were widened, emergency lanes were built in each direction and a traffic divider was erected. Finally, all other fittings and safety structures were put in place. The most emblematic and adventurous part of the entire project is the ‘Italia viaduct’ over the Lao river, which has for many years been the highest in Europe. It is 1,161 m in length, a central span of 175 m and stands 261 m over the valley below. The tallest pillars reach a height of 130 m.

A3, the nerve centre for the south

The route of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway built by CMB is a nerve centre for the entire motorway network. The work involved the construction of a new route between the junction of Laino Borgo and that of Campotenese (province of Cosenza), which consists of 60% of new road, 6 tunnels and 11 viaducts. The flagship of the entire construction is the ‘Italia Viaduct’: with a length of over 1,120 metres and a height of 260 above the valley below, it is the second highest viaduct in Europe.


The A3 motorway at a glance

Take a look inside the construction of the Europe’s highest motorway.
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Value of the works
424,512,090.93 euros


Role in the project
Project leader

Completion time
June 2014 – December 2016


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