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Months – Duration of the project finance concession


The project for the redevelopment of the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza was aimed at adapting the structure to significant organisational, health care and technological changes which have been modifying patient care procedures over the last few years. To this end, the new hospital complex has been subdivided into different autonomous buildings, but connected between them, able to accommodate and manage different health care activities while reducing interferences.
The first phase of the works, completed in spring 2015, involved the complete renovation of the hospital monoblock and the existing forepart, besides the structure called “Tenaglia”, with the development of two-bed patient rooms with bathroom, improvements in the route-ways, also vertical (lifts), adjustment to the latest safety standards regarding earthquake and fire measures, and the renovation of the facades with an improvement in climate performance.
The work then progressed onto phase 2, which involved the renovation of the sector B monoblock, including preparatory work for the continued operation of health care activities, work on sectors A and C, following by another two phases that will see the renovation of sector C and sector A.


After the construction: CMB takes care of the services

Developed according to the Concession with project financing formula, the project included the design, construction and management of the services. The concession provides for the management of important supply and maintenance services: staff canteen, catering for the patients, laundry, waste management, cleaning and porter service, building maintenance, heating system and its management.

“There’s a laudable spirit of sacrifice, with the result that the building site around the hospital structure has had no impact on its excellent health services. This result could not be taken for granted.”

Dr. Mario Alparone
General Director of Monza Local Healthcare Area.



March 2017

Monoblock: phase 2 gets underway, with the hospital in operation

The building site moves on to the central sector of the 11-floor monoblock, a place of great health care activity. The work follows a precise time schedule, so as to make the intervention compatible with the continuation of the healthcare service.


Spring 2015

The new building is ready

The first phase is completed: the New Forepart, called “Palazzina Accoglienza” (Reception Building) is ready to accommodate outpatient rooms and day hospitals. The Tenaglia pavilion and the Existing Forepart have also been renovated.

September 2013

Start of the works, including redevelopment and new construction

Starting with the construction of a building in front of the previous “New Forepart” structure and the renovation of the building called Existing Forepart. The work aims for a radical modernization and redevelopment of the hospital.


August 2012
2CMB is awarded the tender

Definitive award of the concession contract for the construction and renovation of the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza on account of the commissioning body, Infrastrutture Lombarde Spa

Value of the works
162,929,562.65 euros

Infrastrutture Lombarde Spa

Role in the project
Agent Member of the group of Builders

Completion time
Start: 2013 – End: 2022


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