square metres: the total surface area of the complex


million Euros: the funding offered by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena


the volumes preserved in the Library of the Law Faculty


The project involved the restoration and conversion of the factory sections in the San Paolo complex, which consists of two sections with different architectural characteristics and purposes: the west wing is made up of buildings and open-air areas between via Selmi and the courtyard of “Leccio”; the east wing houses the factory buildings that surround the cloister of “Leccio”.
The sub-complex in the west was used as a school building and other services envisaged by the local authorities of Modena: a nursery, a kindergarten, a cafeteria, study rooms and a meeting point for university students, local health service and charity organisations, and social services. The sub-complex in the east housed the Library of the Faculty of Law of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: the latter surrounds the four factory buildings that in turn surround the cloister of the Leccio and a vast open-air space. Thanks to this position, the Library can be reached directly from the new Law Faculty building, which is now housed at the Convent of San Geminiano.

Cloisters, courtyards and gardens

The architectural structure is characterised by the four long sides that form the perimeter of the main large cloister, commonly referred to as the “Cortile del Leccio”, due to the presence of an imposing holm oak tree. Inside the surrounding block, there are four other minor courtyards, of which the largest and more important is the courtyard “del banano” (due to the presence of a banana tree), which lies in the north-west part. In the north, this courtyard overlooks the internal church and, in the south, a short portico.


Preserving the past and making it lasting

Careful restoration work has successfully preserved some prestigious historical and architectural elements, such as stairwells, plasterwork, wattle vaulted ceilings, flooring and parapets, vaulted structures, roof frames and roof coverings. The renovation work maintained the ceiling heights, which were partly consolidated and partly (those in brickwork and concrete), replaced with wooden ceiling beams.

Value of the works
13.534.259,71 euro

Modena Town Hall

Role in the project
Project leader

Completion times
January 2010 – December 2014


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