thousand hours of work


months of the building site


stoneware glass sheets


The new hotels form part of a bigger project involving compatible functions such as shops, eating and leisure facilities and green areas. The two towers in marble and the main pedestrian links between the two floors on which the principal external areas are structured signal the entrance of honour into the Trade Fair District from a distance. Every metre of height has a projection of little over 11 cm. There is a 3-star hotel facing the Trade Fair, and a 4-star hotel facing the covered pedestrian pathway which joins the hotels to the Conference Centre and, further off, towards the city of Milan. The terraces on the top both face the Conference Centre and the entrance of honour into the Trade Fair.


“My compliments to those who have completed the building of the two hotel structures according to the scheduled times and costs, fully complying with the criteria underpinning Dominique Perrault’s design.”

Luigi Roth
Chairman of Fondazione Fiera Milano

The Perrault’s hotels: two shining monoliths

The two hotels are easily recognisable as part of the new complex in the north-west Milan landscape. They appear from afar like two shiny marble monoliths; coming closer, it’s possible to see the two fronts with windows of different dimensions that lend the facades an irregular rhythm. This is the merit of the design by Dominique Perrault, the French architect and planner, which is inspired by American minimalism achieved thanks to “complex casing on simple volumes”.


Value of the works
45,920,470 euros

Sviluppo Sistema Fiera Spa

Role in the project
Project Leader

Time for completion:
Start: October 2006
End: June 2009


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