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The route of the 3.1 Line runs inside the city of Florence for around 4.5 km: starting from the current Line 1 terminal, it passes one of the city’s most delicate traffic junctions, Fortezza da Basso, where, to avoid congestion between road and rail traffic, two substantial vehicle underpasses have been planned. With regards to the work of art, given the delicacy of the architectural landscape in the Fortezza area, the insertion of underpasses inside the street network (which was designed by the architect, Poggi, in the second half of the 1800s) has been carefully studied; simulated solutions using traffic models have made it possible to declare the sustainability of the project.
The first underpass, 350 m long and completely covered in Santafiora stone, was constructed in the record time of a year and a half. The double and single tramway is composed of a deep reinforced concrete basin inside of which there is a double slab supporting and blocking the tram track. The surface flooring is mainly composed of natural stone effect self-locking blocks.


“It hasn’t been an easy building site, due to its location in the centre of the city. But we’ve managed to minimize the impact on its citizens”.

Tommaso Cacciaguerra
Project Manager

Value of the works
110 million euros

Tram Spa, through a concession agreement of the Municipality of Florence

Role in the project
Complete execution of the construction works for Line 3.1

Completion time
May 2014 – July 2018


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