Unipol Tower: a new frontier of safety

Launched in 2009 in the Unipol Tower and Nuova Agorà building sites in Bologna, “Safe by Vocation” is a system that seeks to promote correct modes of behavior for safety at all levels.

“When people speak of safety, they tend to refer to complying with the regulations in force. “Safe by vocation” is an attempt to do something more, seeking to promote this approach in all workers,” explains Alessandro Zuccoli, Project manager of Unipol Tower. “In all the afternoon and morning meetings, I always said: to be construction professionals we also have to be safety professionals. Safety forms part of this profession. It’s our trump card”.

The experience of Unipol Tower meant discovering the importance of communication between all those involved. Breaking down hierarchical and formal barriers was a fundamental step: We tried to establish a relationship of trust with the workers or at least one of proximity”, explains Mariacristina Menozzi, deputy site safety and environment management. “Asking the workers for opinions improved relations: it put the workers on the same level, we were equals”.

The procedure requires that the company talks to the workers not only on a minimal formal basis, but daily, in the work of the building site, calling for individual opinions and direct responsibility in their actions.

After the Bologna experience, the project has been exported to other building sites of varying sizes and type, arriving also at involving the Projects and Services Division in a version designed specifically for management activities.

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