meters high


floors above ground


glass modules installed on the Unipol Tower façades


The Unipol Group celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary from its foundation in the new spaces of the Tower in via Larga in Bologna, the highest skyscraper in Emilia Romagna.


The challenge regarding its construction was accepted and completed by CMB to the design of the Open Project firm further to the commission from the Unipol Group. The numbers clearly show that entity of the complex: 125 meters high with 27 floors above ground. The square is topped by a striking sail: the peculiarity of the work, still little known in Italy, is the huge extension (of around 3,500 sq. m.).

“When the client saw the building grow, he thought up several variants. And we have succeeded in integrating these in the original project”

Alessandro Zuccoli
Project Manager


Unipol Tower: a new frontier of safety

The “Safe by Profession” experience affected the entire Unipol Tower building site in Bologna, creating a work group involving all the cooperatives in the Nuova Agorà consortium. Today “Safe by profession” has become an extension of the way CMB ensures safety.
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Value of the works
Lot 1 (Tower Building) 75,101,799.54 euros
Lot 2 (Shopping center, hotel and square) 58,348,758.40 euros

Unipol Srl

Role in the initiative
Executing enterprise for all the building works for Lot 1
Chief ATI enterprise for Lot 2

Completion time
Lot 1: December 2008 – December 2012
Lot 2: September 2010 – February 2014


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