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Opening of Line 2 of Florence’s Tram system

Line 2 of the Tramvia, opened on 11 February in the presence of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, extends for 5 km through the city of Florence, beginning in Piazza dell’Unità and passing alongside the church of Santa Maria Novella before coming into via Alamanni. Having left the historic centre, the tramline crosses the ring road and, passing through Palazzo Mazzon, reaches the Da Vinci scientific high school. From here, through the new tramline viaduct over Terzolle river, the tram reaches the Novoli district before finishing its route at Peretola airport.

The new tramline aims to encourage commuters to switch from buses, often the cause of traffic jams and holdups, to an electric and environmentally-friendly form of transport with a capacity of around 250 passengers which, with its completely protected line, guarantees a waiting time of just 4 minutes. Around 13 million passengers are expected to use Line 2 each year, joining the 24 million users of Lines 1 and 3, the latter of which was launched in June 2018. The commuters that switch to this new public transport system will lead to approximately 5700 fewer cars and 2400 fewer motorbikes a day on Florence’s road network, with a notable improvement in circulation conditions and, above all, in the level of atmospheric pollution in the city.

CMB, involved in the construction of Line 2 through the Trafiter consortium as of September 2018, terminated its work thanks to the constant commitment and expertise of its technicians as well as its positive collaboration with the temporary association of contractors, licensee Tram S.p.a. and Florence City Council.


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