CMB bases its strongest convictions on the quality of the works completed, on the service provided and on its organization: such factors depend on people and their skills. Technical grounding, the ability to work in a team and towards objectives, and flexibility: these are the characteristics around which the Cooperative’s Human Resources management systems are developed. 

Undergraduate and postgraduate internships, degree thesis on CMB case study, Work-related learning program.

Postgraduate internship

CMB evaluates with great interest the introduction of new graduates and, more generally, of people at the end of their school career. If you have talent, original ideas and a desire to face challenges, it is not essential to have already had work experience before entering CMB. We will set up a personalized and shared training project that allows you to acquire specialist skills and show what you are capable of in a concrete and challenging work context, with the support of internal tutors. The fact of having completed a brilliant work experience in the enterprise will be appraised with great attention with a view to a possible offer of employment.

Undergraduate internship, degree thesis on CMB case study, Work-related learning program

CMB is willing to host university or specializing master students whose program provides for a undergraduate internship, high school students involved in Work-related learning program, but also those following a specialization course that provides for a period of work in a company. It also welcomes university students who wish to carry out their thesis in the company. Complete the form describing expectations and interests. In the event an area of common interest is found, the candidate will be contacted.

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