New Gaslini hospital

The joint venture led by CMB, together with Mieci of the Renovit Group, the largest Italian energy efficiency company; Arcoservizi, a company controlled by CMB and specialized in the heat management field; with the design of the Mythos consortium, was selected as Promoter for the concession contract of the construction and the modernization of the IRCCS Gaslini Hospital in Genova.

CMB, record turnover for 2021

CMB closes the 2021 financial year in profit with a turnover of more than EUR 746 million, recording a strong recovery and an unprecedented result. Construction is the segment with the strongest growth; however, the real estate segment also doubles the previous year’s result with revenues of more than EUR 41 million. The Shareholders’ Meeting was held on Saturday, 21 May 2022 at the CMB headquarters.

Phase two for the Hospital of Montecchio

With a project financing agreement, CMB will carry out the second phase of the project to redevelop the Hospital of Arzignano - Montecchio Maggiore, which will include new buildings and the supply of furniture and equipment for the ULSS 8 Berica of Veneto region.

Budget 2022, CMB confirms growth

CMB confirms the turnover growth trend with a 2021 final result of 727 million euros, against 573 million in 2020, and a 2022 budget that arrives at 735, the highest level ever reached by the enterprise. In this scenario the contribution of foreign production is decisive: 140 million of turnover comes from building sites in Denmark and Switzerland.

The former hospital complex becomes the Guardia di Finanza Police Academy in Bergamo

On 27 October, Italian President Sergio Mattarella officially opened the new premises of the Guardia di Finanza Police Academy in Bergamo, on the site of the former hospital complex. This important work for the city is destined to become an advanced training hub and an integral part of Bergamo’s civil society.

2020 closed with a profit, CMB looks to the future

In a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, with most construction sites and activities blocked for three months, CMB closed FY 2020 with a turnover of over € 570 million, 70 million of which realized abroad, balancing the books and keeping important financial, equity and business objectives within its sights.