CMB is concerned with sustainability, making the supply of building materials and the moving of heavy vehicles replenishing the building sites more efficient and with less impact on the environment.

Building sites under examination

To improve the logistics of building works in urban areas,

CMB has joined the three-year European project Sustainable Urban Consolidation CentrES for conStruction (SUCCESS),

financed by the Horizon 2020 research program. The goal of the project is to study how the introduction of consolidation centres to support the construction sector can reduce negative impacts on cities, as a result of the movement of materials and heavy vehicles from and to building sites.

Verona Hospitals: the pilot building site

The introduction of Construction Consolidation Centres (CCC), has been simulated in the building sites of the Verona hospitals, Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento, a total surface area of almost 84 thousand square meters, with a logistics hub situated near the city and easily accessible where materials delivered by suppliers can be collected. The Verona hospitals, together with another three building sites in Luxembourg, Paris and Valencia, have supplied data on the movements of supplies to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, involved in the research project.

The SUCCESS project has grown thanks to the procedures implemented by CMB at Verona. We have tried to follow the logic of the building site, making use of the skills of everyone involved, from the administrative office to the buyer, to arrive at a common goal: making the logistics of the projects ever more efficient.

Alessio Baldoni
Site manager – Verona Hospitala

Less C02, thanks to the Consolidation centre

The project has shown that the adoption of the Construction Consolidation Centres makes it possible to reduce the number of daily journeys to and from the building sites by 65%, with a positive impact on mobility with a reduction of climate-altering gases by 28% outside the cities and by around 35% inside. Thanks to the CCCs, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than half, with even better results if low environmental impact vehicles are used for deliveries to the building sites.

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