Working on a building contract means outlining the profile of a city, constructing the future. CMB’s passion is seeing a project completed: public works, hospitals, shopping centers and large infrastructures, thanks to the company’s know-how.

Complexity requires skill

Thanks to its extensive experience and know-how, CMB is specialized not only in the execution of large-scale works, but also in the management of complex projects that call for specific high-level skills and innovative technologies and methodologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), as well as management and research aspects. The company has worked alongside internationally famous designers, focusing on innovation and continuous updating, also developing its skills with regards to the management of non-core services.
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The strength of the team

If the business continues to grow, it is the merit of the people inside it. Each, with their skill, motivation and commitment, allows CMB to build on its experience, which represents a real asset. This is because every contract, every building site, is the result of teamwork that functions thanks to each worker’s sense of responsibility, with the determination to leave a mark of quality on the landscape and on the city’s future.
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Works to live in

Hospital structures, railway stations, shopping centers, cultural venues, large infrastructures, skyscrapers and all the buildings inherited from the past that find a new life and function. All CMB’s works are key parts of the days of thousands of people; they are spaces pulsating with life, where people meet, pass and work, functional places that meet the demands of modernity.



Inside and outside the tallest skyscraper in Emilia-Romagna



The hospital at the foot of the Alps is fully operational

Business sectors

CMB builds hospitals, commercial residential buildings, infrastructures, and carries out renovation work.

The sectors in which it operates demonstrate its high specialization and the trust that clients have in its professionalism.

CMB is a solid and reliable constructor

, able to guarantee the development of increasingly structured and complex projects.


Construction work under contract is CMB’s core business. The company carries out large-scale projects in the hospital, commercial, residential and tourism sectors, and is one of the national leaders in the construction of skyscrapers.
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Building hospitals means responding to a demand based on pragmatism and responsibility. CMB is involved in this area, from the construction of new structures and extensions to the installation of biomedical equipment and furnishings.
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The added value of the works developed by CMB is the know-how acquired over time and the ability to operate in a wide area of fields. The company develops large-scale road and rail infrastructures.
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Dealing with conservative and scientific renovation means, for CMB, successfully carrying out complex projects on historically valuable buildings. CMB does not act as a mere executor of the work, but supports the client and the director of works.
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