CMB has been proactive in promoting and participating in the process of improvement and digitalisation of the construction industry.

Thanks to forward-looking choices, today the company is placed among the main international players in in Building Information Modeling (BIM) orders.

Building Information Modeling

CMB has been using BIM procedures for construction since 2013, driven by the construction complexities of the Hadid Tower in Milan. The implementation starts after years of research and development in partnership with the University of Construction Engineering in Brescia and with the Politecnico Milano.

An extra edge

For CMB, BIM has meant a revolution in the management of their own accountability. The traditional process of planning, where the single architectural, structural and facilities drawings were separate one from another, resulted in possible errors in coordination. This has been replaced by a BIM process where the various models are all coordinated, ensuring the lowest possible error margin.
From the IT tools available on the international panorama, CMB has chosen those best suited to achieve their aims, making use of a good level of interoperability that the software producers have achieved at an international level. This has meant that the entire order management, from the planning stage to the checks on scheduling and methods, has been part of the innovative process.

“CMB is growing exponentially thanks to the early implementation of the BIM methodology. An advantage that is still firmly maintained compared to competitors”

Andrea Vanossi
BIM Manager

BIM advantages

BIM translates into advantages for the entire construction process. Advantages tied to the reduction of errors in planning, in coordination, in the poor use of materials and in the non-coordinated production on the construction site. Advantages derived from the possibility to carry out a virtual simulation of the construction in the period prior to actual construction (4D) and the possibility of increasing the margins of certainty relative to material quantities and supply (5D).

BIM: university studies

CMB actively partners with Italian universities in areas of specific focused research for the practical applications of BIM. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity for internships on construction sites to the best students from university courses concerned with the digitalisation of the design/construction/maintenance process.
CMB is the sponsor for the student award “Compasso Volante” at the Politecnico Milano.

A model for planning and building

Think BIM, think sustainable: a process made of technology and skills.
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