CMB bases its strongest convictions on the quality of the works carried out, on the service provided and on its organization: distinguishing factors to be attributed to individuals and their skills. Technical bases, ability to work in groups and for objectives, flexibility: these are the characteristics around which the Human Resources management systems of the Cooperative are built.

Introduction into the enterprise

CMB is concerned to guarantee all newly-hired workers an appropriate introduction into the enterprise.

The program involves on-the-job training by the best internal professionals – possibly with job rotation – alternating with training periods on issues both general (soft) and specialized, with internal teachers or at the best national training organizations. The introduction program provides for periodical follow-ups with their Manager and with the Human Resources and Organization Management, as well as appraisals of potential and performance.

Talent Acquisition Process

The Talent Acquisition process is composed, in successive phases, of meetings with the Human Resources and Organization Management, with the assigned unit organization Manager and with the main department interlocutors. This process, possibly supplemented by assessment center appraisals of potential is aimed, overall, at assessing the candidate’s sharing of company values, possession of motivational and attitude requirements, as well as adequate technical and specialist knowledge and skills. At the end of the recruiting process a feedbackis always given to the candidate.

How to apply

The Human Resources and Organization Management will seriously consider your spontaneous application, which you can send using the application form (in italian only) found on this site. We will make sure to contact you if there is a work opportunity in line with your profile and aspirations. Applications will be kept for 12 months, after which time we suggest a new one should be sent. It is strongly recommended to send your application only with the specific application form.

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