It’s necessary to be an organized team in order to work well.

CMB’s governance consists in the participation of its members, who take on active responsibility in the definition of objectives

and business tools.


Ing. Carlo Zini

O&M Operational Unit Director

Ing. Siriana Bertacchini

Central Area Operational Unit Director

Ing. Roberto Davoli

Other Areas Operational Unit Director

Dott. Emiliano Cacioppo

Corporate Administration Director

Dott. Alessandro Bulgarelli

HR Management Director

Dott. Paolo Zaccarelli


Dott. Marcello Modenese

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of 15 Directors, decides on the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Cooperative; it has the power to carry out all the actions provided for by the Articles of Association and those that the Board considers appropriate for the achievement of its business objects. It is the body assigned with the definition of strategic lines of policy, to be submitted to the approval of the General Meeting of Members.

Carlo Zini
Vice Chairman
Roberto Davoli
Managing Director
Emiliano Cacioppo and Marcello Modenese
Rita Arletti, Giuliana Bergianti, Siriana Bertacchini, Tommaso Cacciaguerra, Fabio Cambiaghi, Andrea Chiappini, Gabriele Malavasi, Luca Raimondi, Claudio Romanese, Giulia Sabato, Tommaso Salvo

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors has the task of monitoring conformity with the law and with the Articles of Association, and on compliance with the Cooperative’s principles of correct management.

Giorgio Rusticali
Regular Auditors
Stefano Baraldi
Ettore Rocchi
Alternate Auditors
Severino Costa
Remo Zuccoli

Operations Management

The Operations Management committee is the executive management body: it ensures collective decision-making on the part of the Cooperative’s management; it manages the organisation, establishing policies and strategies, and defines and pursues business objectives. The Cooperative is structured in four Central Management Bodies, which guarantee the definition and management of business policies and strategies, and three Divisions which act in their respective business areas and assigned territories. Their management is assigned to a Division Director, also a member of the Board of Directors with the position of Managing Director.

Group Manager
Ing. Carlo Zini
Central Division Manager
Ing. Roberto Davoli
Director of the territories division
Dott. Emiliano Cacioppo
Director of the projects and services division
Ing. Siriana Bertacchini
Group administration manager
Dott. Alessandro Bulgarelli
Manager of human resources and organization
Dott. Paolo Zaccarelli
Finance and Planning Director
Dott. Marcello Modenese
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