Its corporate values are what drives CMB.

Attention to people, the soundness and quality of its projects, innovation, the development of skills, sustainability and the enterprise’s history are what enables the cooperative to grow.

A solid but flexible enterprise

With its century-long history and a healthy financial and economic situation, CMB is an enterprise that has known how to appropriately respond to customers’ needs and new market demands, increasingly attentive to innovation and services. Merit goes to a discerning and far-sighted management which has managed to enter foreign markets with the knowledge that opportunities know no frontiers.
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Safety first

Safety is a mindset in CMB. In order to push safety standards beyond existing regulations, a pilot project has been created in the enterprise and has today become a model and source of pride in its building sites. The sharing of information, direct exchange between workers and safety officers and coordinators on site generate a virtuous approach of awareness regarding the value of the safety for the individual and for the whole team.
> “Safe by Vocation” project

Environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Attention to the environment and energy saving is an increasingly important theme for looking towards the future and CMB, thanks to its experience, is able to offer the most innovative solutions. It’s an undertaking which is part of the enterprise’s Corporate social responsibility and an opportunity to increase the value of constructions also from an environmental point of view.

Innovation and research: the enterprise’s engine

CMB’s large projects are possible also thanks to technological innovations that increase the efficiency, precision and safety of the works. Over the years the company has increased investments in the most innovative technologies, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and today know-how has become an integrated system.
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The skills are the fruit of a long history

The skills found in CMB are part of its long history, a long journey of experiences that have created a solid enterprise

able to construct its future. Specialization in the construction of hospitals, tall buildings, restorations, urban redevelopment and services are the result of the skills of professionals who every day make their contribution and in doing so, contribute to CMB’s story.
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