Sustainability Report

In the Sustainability Report, CMB has brought together the relevant topics, the commitment and the main results achieved in terms of environmental and social performance to integrate the economic and financial objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainable Development Plan connects the economic-financial aspects to the founding values of CMB’s history: participation, mutuality and worker safety.

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CMB not only constructs, but its network of professionals provides and manages the services that guarantee the efficient functioning of the work constructed.

People, projects, values

The skills and expertise, values and backgrounds of people who build a piece of tomorrow every day.


All CMB’s works are spaces pulsating with life, where people meet, pass and work. They are places of modernity.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): advantages and performance

In 2013, CMB activated the Building Information Modeling (BIM) procedures for construction. In July 2019, the cooperative was the first Italian construction company to certify its BIM management system with ICMQ. BIM translates into advantages for the entire construction process: the reduction of errors in planning, in coordination: the poor use of materials and in the non-coordinated production on the construction site. Therefore BIM procedures allow virtual simulation of the construction in the period prior to actual construction (4D) and the possibility of increasing the margins of certainty relative to material quantities and supply (5D) ). > Go to Innovation page

Integrated management of services in hospitals

In the hospital in Verona, a digitised system allows for the complete traceability of maintenance work and hospital services. Over the years, CMB has built up expertise and experience that has allowed to develop an efficient, integrated system to respond to the various needs linked to more efficient functioning of hospitals.

Conservative restoration and contemporary functions

A lengthy redevelopment and change of use operation has allowed CMB to turn the former Bergamo hospital complex into the new premises of the Academy of the Guardia di Finanza police, destined to become an advanced education university campus. The work consisted of the restoration of eight pavilions dating back to the early 20th century and the construction from scratch of new spaces designed to host sports facilities, an auditorium and underground parking. The entire complex slots smoothly into the urban fabric and the surrounding landscape at the foot of the hills.

Bari-Noicattaro railway: travelling green

Thanks to the electrification of the entire stretch, travelling by train is convenient and sustainable. In addition to guaranteeing a different mobility option for the local area, the infrastructure has brought improvements in environmental and urban planning terms. The work has involved the creation of new stretches of the line underground, the construction of a tunnel and structural works near Noicattaro station. During the work, CMB protected the homes nearby and the local citizens by implementing a plan for the monitoring of the impact of the construction site, agreed on with the Local Health Authority.

Safe by Vocation

CMB’s own method and procedures for building site safety

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