A cooperative and modern business, CMB is the fruit of its history, past and recent, and the values deriving from

experience that have enabled it to combine economic and employment growth, security and social progress.

Articles of association

The articles of association are a fundamental legal instrument that regulates the organization and operations of the cooperative. They establish the registered office, the duration of the cooperative, its mutualistic purpose and relations with the cooperative’s members. It also sets out the ethical principles underlying the business (art. 5), the management bodies, technical and administration operations, the conduct of members and participation in the cooperative.

Cooperative Regulations

The regulations are internal instruments to establish clear and well-defined rules to follow. The six regulations refer to the conduct of any additional employment relationship of the members, the cooperative’s corporate governance and organization, cooperative and mutualistic relations of the members, loans to members, the regulation of investor members and the fund for technological development, business restructuring and development, and capital shares in the cooperative.

Ethical code

The Ethical Code is the tool chosen by CMB to promote the concrete application of the values on which the social contract and the principles established by the Cooperative Articles of Association are based. It lays down the requirements and constraints which must underpin business activities. The document condemns any breach of human rights and any form of relationship with criminal or illegal activities which are contrary to the cooperation’s principles.

Corporate integrated policy

To guarantee the best possible result of its activities in compliance with the safety, health and rights of workers as well as environmental protection, CMB has decided to promote the development and continuous improvement of an organic and complete management tool. The Integrated Management System expresses the company’s integrated policy for quality, health and safety in the workplace, the environment, energy management, BIM Management, corporate social responsibility and the prevention of corruption.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of CMB’s fundamental values, an aspect today which is of increasing importance for the organisation’s development. These include worker participation in business management, mutuality, workers’ rights and the commitment, corruption prevention, in its economic activities, to generate social value through the projects carried out by the enterprise.

The collaboration and commitment of employees, suppliers and partners involved in company production processes is required.

Social Responsibility employees policy (IT)

Social Responsibility suppliers policy (IT)

Anti-corruption code of conduct

Social Responsability path

Below are listing the documents relating to CMB’s Corporate Social Responsibility process

One hundred years of Cooperative Membership 1908-2008

2006-2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

Social Responsability in CMB 2012-2020

Whistleblowing Platform

Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 24/2023, C.M.B. Società Cooperativa has set up a secure IT platform dedicated to handling whistleblowing reports. This platform enables individuals to report suspected violations to the company in a completely confidential and anonymous manner.
Employees, suppliers, consultants and all stakeholders can use this platform provided by C.M.B. Società Cooperativa.
Reports must specifically concern suspected violations of the company’s Code of Ethics, Management Corruption Prevention Management System (ISO 37001), human and personal rights (SA8000 and UNI/PdR 125), the Organisational Model in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 or any other illegal activities as defined by current legislation and/or Legislative Decree no. 24/2023.
Reports or complaints of a commercial nature or those related to circumstances/facts already being addressed in ongoing judicial or administrative proceedings are categorically excluded.

Reports must include a detailed description of the alleged violation and must be submitted using the link below:
Go to the CMB whistleblowing platform

Please use the link below for reports concerning companies affiliated with C.M.B. Società Cooperativa:
Go to the companies affiliated whistleblowing platform

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