The Sustainable Development Plan combines economic-financial aspects with values. The path covers corporate social responsibility and environmental protection and is integrated with CMB’s founding values: participation, mutuality and worker safety.

Sustainability Report


In the Sustainability Report, CMB has brought together the relevant topics, the commitment and the main results achieved in terms of sustainability performance to integrate the economic and financial objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability becomes a value and a strategic driver of industrial orientation and development.

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Engagement with stakeholders


Stakeholders play a fundamental role in the sustainable growth of the cooperative, and CMB is committed to considering their expectations, perceptions and priorities within the decision-making processes and in the definition of economic, environmental and social goals. Thanks to constant dialogue with all stakeholders, the topics pertinent to the company’s core business have been identified and the sustainable development goals and commitment to achieve them have been defined.

A shared value system


Safety in the workplace, innovation, sustainable management along the entire production chain and respect for people are the core values of CMB, a leading player that has been able to adapt to rapid changes in the sector and interpret the aspirations of public opinion. Values and practices are shared with employees, partners and all carefully selected suppliers.


Program 2121

In 2019, CMB joined “Program 2121”, an innovation for the construction sector, and has participated in the job placement project for detainees, incorporating them (art. 21, law 354/75) directly into its staff, as well as promoting the project among its subcontractors. This project, aimed at the social inclusion of prisoners, is implemented through an internship offer, with a view to effective and sustainable reintegration into the world of work.

A wealth of experience


Since the beginning of its history over 100 years ago, corporate social responsibility has been inherent in the development of the cooperative.

CMB has established non-discriminatory company selection policies, which it also applies when assigning or modifying roles. Almost 10,000 hours of training have been dedicated to theoretical and practical professional development and training for employees and collaborators on occupational health and safety issues.

With the environment in mind


To ensure correct, transparent management of environmental aspects, all of CMB’s activities observe the directives of the ISO 14001 certified Integrated Management System. To prevent or mitigate environmental impacts, the management and monitoring methods of the CMB teams are defined in the Environmental Management Plan drawn up for each individual order.

Sustainability at a glance

The main data regarding CMB’s reporting, commitment and environmental and social performance, presented in a two minutes video.
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Sustainability Report
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