Reducing injuries in the building site, improving workers’ health, but also promoting the development of a sustainability culture.

“Safe by vocation” is a system that seeks to promote correct conduct at all levels. For CMB this means offering the client further added value in social, human, environmental and economic terms.

Safety as a shared value

The system on which “Safe by vocation” is based involves starting from the definition of critical modes of behavior that need to be improved, making observations in the field of the people involved and providing them with a feedback on the conduct adopted. Finally, the observation data are analyzed and improvement actions are planned and implemented. Result: an increase in the number of conversations on safety between people and an improvement in their level of responsibility with respect to work and virtuous behavior. According to those who have worked on the project, a real awareness of a change in vision and mentality has emerged, in view of a shared objective.

10 years of “Safe by Vocation”

“Safe by Vocation” has been applied in more than 25 particularly complex building sites – skyscrapers, hospitals, public and private works, construction and infrastructures. Thanks to the results obtained, “Safe by Vocation” is continuing to grow and to embrace new issues regarding the overall sustainability of the building site system.

From safety to global sustainability

“Safe by vocation” today also takes on the meaning of “Sustainability by vocation”. The objective set is to increase the level of global sustainability regarding the theme of the environment and safety, taking action on workers’ individual conduct in the building site and encouraging communication between the various people involved. In this way, relevant staff can provide an immediate feedback to the worker and promote actions aimed at positive reinforcement and effective training.

Thanks to all the workers that have made a personal effort to adopt virtuous and professional modes of behavior essential for their own safety and that of their colleagues: the success of “Safe by vocation” is, above all, their success.

Carlo Zini
CMB Chairman

The project mission


The mission of the “Safe by profession” project is to improve individual behavior with regards to the environment and workers’ health and safety:
> promoting the growth of a culture of “global sustainability regarding the environment and safety”
> fostering workers’ awareness in relation to perception of the risk of accidents, work-related illnesses and pollution issues
> implementing effective communication on the theme of the environment and workers’ health and safety
> setting up an awareness, information and involvement system at all levels.

Improvement and possibility of replication

After the experience in the Unipol Tower building site set up in 2009, the project was extended to other building sites of various size and type, arriving at involving the Project and Services Division in a dedicated ad hoc version for management engagements.


Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the province of Modena (5th Edition, 2010)

Letter of commendation from the Mayor of Milan (25/06/2012)

Letter of commendation from the President of the Republic (23/08/2012)

Special Award of the Organizing Committee of Inform@zione 2012
Promoted by INAIL, Emilia-Romagna Region and Modena Local Health Authority

Award for good practice in relation to the 2012-13 EU-OSHA campaign: “Lavoriamo insieme per la prevenzione dei rischi” (Let’s work together to prevent risks).
Validated by the Permanent Advisory Commission as Good Practice (27/11/2013)


“Sicuri per Mestiere – Una storia non ordinaria di sicurezza in cantiere”
(A. Pennati and M. Masper, Il Mulino, 2012)

“Sicuri per mestiere: costruire la sicurezza”
5° European Conference on Behavior-Based Safety and Applied Behavior Analysis (AARBA, 15-17 giugno 2011, Milano)

Behaviors examinated on building sites (June 2018).
Building sites in which the project will be implemented in 2018
Workers involved (June 2018)