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5 km

From the centre of Ferrara


The hospital, located in Cona, about 5 km from the city centre, occupies a total area of around 380,000 square metres, with green areas accounting for about 160,000 square metres. It comprises four floors above ground, plus a below-ground floor for the most part occupied by the mechanical and electrical systems and used by the managers of the non-core services and maintenance staff, and a roof floor occupied by equipment rooms.
The final structure is composed of both previously existing buildings and a series of new constructions, with work carried out simultaneously on both the completion of the existing buildings and the building from scratch of the new pavilions. The new constructions are the below-ground floor, the laboratory (4 above-ground floors and as below-ground floor occupied by the pharmacy area), the services centre, with the outpatient area and bar, the offices, the surgical instrument sterilisation facility, the kitchen for preparing patients’ meals and the canteen, the heating plant, cloakroom and goods sorting centre.


In Ferrara, I worked to resolve the critical points linked to the provision of services, with a view to guaranteeing good customer relations.

Antonio Cozzi
Health and Safety Officer of the Project and Services Division


2012, October 19th

Members visit the construction site sign

Twenty-four investing members of CMB left the headquarters of the cooperative in Carpi for Cona, Ferrara to visit the new Sant’Anna Hospital. Accompanied by the engineer Siriana Bertacchini and Luana Gasparini, the members visited various areas of the hospital.


2012, May 8th

The new hospital opens

With the transfer of the wards and the patients, the facility officially opened. The operation lasted 40 days, and coincided with the earthquake emergency in the provinces of Ferrara and Modena. 8 may 2012

2012, April 29th

Open Day for Ferrara

3600 people explored the routes set out for the Open Day: for the locals, it was the first opportunity to take a look around the facility.


Value of the works
171,060,082 euro

Ferrara University Hospital

Role in the project
Lead company

Completion time
2006 December – 2011 August


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